Founded in 1963 by José Carlos Dias, working in the area of criminal law, the firm was initially focused on criminal defense in trials by jury. Later, as the political scenario changed in Brazil, it added to its activities work in the Military Judiciary, to defend people imprisoned and persecuted for political reasons.

In the 80’s, the practice of criminal law started to change along with the changes taking place in the country.  A strong legislative process broadened the scope of criminal law practice. Criminal law became more complex. The challenge today is to keep providing personalized services, but this area requires an ever increasing readiness to work in the corporate world.

Today’s criminal lawyers are expected to manage crisis effectively, to interact with professionals working in different areas of knowledge, and to excel in international relations. In addition to their traditional activities, working with the police and legal authorities, in cases involving from crimes against the consumer and freedom of speech to financial and tax crimes, criminal lawyers are more and more required to play new and diverse roles, such as that of corporate legal counsels or defense attorneys in parliamentary inquiry commissions.

Dias e Carvalho Filho – Advogados provides comprehensive criminal law services with the primary ethical duty to assure people’s fundamental right of defense.